Ivory Trail Safaris markets prime hunting and guiding areas in Zimbabwe.

Your Professional Hunter and Guide has undertaken rigorous years in the field to attain his license and his experience is unrivaled.

His equipment is of the best quality and he is adept at guiding you in the African Wild.

“He saw the elephant’s eyes: its weather beaten face, the wrinkles in its skin, the tremors of its body, the waving of its ears with the ragged ends where thorns had torn them. He saw the scars of ancient battles. He saw the elephant in its strength and its wisdom, its savagery, patience and courage. He saw Africa, and he knew that he loved it.”

T.V Bulpin – The Ivory Trail

“There are the nervous tracks of the impala herds; the heavy, restless pads of the hyenas- the mobile cemeteries of the wild, in who’s tomblike stomachs all things, sooner of later, seem to end. The erratic, excitable tracks of the jackals; the sly, furtive pads of the leopard; the deep purposeful trail of the lions; the giant pads of the elephant, he who always walks in the middle of the way and shoulders all other apart; All these may be found at the drinking places by the banks of the river.”
- T.V Bulpin – The Ivory Trail

“The riverside forests are always the most beautiful in Africa. Giant Haru trees send their graceful traceries of leaves and braches upwards in complex patterns. Groves of spectral fever trees stand whispering together in the hollows. Mtoma trees loom protectively over glades of green-blue shadows, deliciously cool in the summer heat, while all around a host of other trees stand in tangled ranks along the waters edge, their leaves playing in the winds and their roots festooned about the eroded banks.”
-T.V Bulpin – The Ivory Trail

“So they made their beds and slept, with only the fire still awake, as the guardian of their lonely camp.”

T.V Bulpin – The Ivory Trail

“All these things – beautiful, sinister, happy, fearful and sad – the river sees on its journey. As the current gathers strength from its tributaries, so the river’s unfathomable nature gathers all the moods and thoughts and wondrous wisdom f Africa and its mysterious ways; and then it glides, as life should glide into death, serene and noble, to lose it waters and its dreams and itself in the unfathomable depths of the ocean.”
TV Bulpin – The Ivory Trail